Welcome to Inductive

We are here to help you grow.  We are advisors in Organizational Development.

Unlike large firms, we value each client.  We provide top talent and aim to drive specific solutions that keep costs in mind.  We help our clients make their own decisions based on data, strong advice and sound methods.   

At Inductive, we strive to be the premier consulting service for small businesses and organizations.  We approach consulting in a new way.  Our central purpose is to help our clients grow their organization.   Growth requires sound advice, meaningful relationships, appropriate services and purposeful solutions.  By combining the deep experience of our consultants with the deep understanding our clients, we can inductively create joint solutions.  Our goal is to tailor solutions that meet your needs and help you build momentum.

We offer advisement services in four main areas:


  • Statistical & Hypothesis Testing
  • Product, Cost and Production Correlations
  • Profitability Modeling
  • Customer Analyses
  • Competition and Industry Analyses
  • Employee Morale and Turnover Assessments

Process Management

  • Process Modeling & Current State Mapping
  • Process Analysis
  • Process Design & Future State Mapping
  • Informational Technology & Data Flow Mapping
  • Loss & Risk Mitigation Advisement
  • Efficiency Assessments
  • Cost Assessments
  • Operational Efficiency Assessments
  • Staffing and Demand Optimization

Project Management

  • Project Plans and Work Breakdown Structures
  • Initiative Definition and Execution Coaching
  • Change Leadership Coaching

Organizational Development

  • Business Plan Advisement
  • Systems Analyses
  • Strategic Decision-Making
  • Competitive Advantage Assessments
  • Value Curve Assessments
  • Team Development Programs and Assessments
  • Emotional Intelligence & Human Resource Selection & Management
  • Leadership Selection
  • Organizational Behavior, Assessment and Management
  • Organizational Learning Improvement
  • Strategic Aligment Coaching
  • Organizational Psychology, Assessment and Management
  • Orgnaizational Communication, Assessment and Management
  • Human Capital Assessments and Management

We are here to help.

Inductive Consulting offers advisors in organizational development that specialize in specific areas of need.  Our advisors focus on building their relationship with you, understanding your needs, then helping to deliver the services that fuel growth and effectiveness.  Our goal is not to rack up billable hours or sell pre-packaged solutions.  At Inductive Consulting, we are successful when you grow and development your organization.  We do this by being exceptional in five areas:

1.  We focus on integrating your experience and expertise with our experience and expertise: so we can make joint decisions

2.  We keep costs down by delivering appropriate tailored solutions that meet your specific need (and at a lower cost per hour)

3.  We value a real relationship with you

4.  We offer experienced consultants with have a proven track-record of consulting success

You can contact us today by phone, email or through our website to set up a free 1/2 hour consultation. 

We operate in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area.

Our goal is to help you grow.

(C) 2011 Inductive Consulting, LLC.  All Rights Reserved.

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